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Amsterdam Travel Attractions For the Whole Family


Amsterdam travel offers fun activities for the whole family – from world-renowned museums to stunning tulip fields! There’s something here for everyone in this Dutch capital city.

Visit the Rembrandt House Museum to relive 17th-century Amsterdam! You’ll also want to take time out and tour Anne Frank House – both are powerful experiences that will leave an impactful and emotional mark on you. And you can enjoy absolutely everything thanks to Cathay Pacific flights with countless routes, like Sydney to Amsterdam.


If art is one of your passions, be sure to visit Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum as one of your travel attractions. This Dutch treasure house stands as one of the world’s premier museums with over 1.5km of galleries containing more than 8,000 art treasures spanning more than 800 years of human history. There are tours, guides and courses available so that visitors can easily navigate this masterpiece of Dutch architecture. While independent visits may work just fine, guided tours may offer an immersive experience with experts explaining artwork’s background and significance – something independent visitors won’t do alone.

The Great Hall, or Gallery of Honour, is at the core of every museum. Here you can see some of the most celebrated paintings – including Rembrandt’s Night Watch and Vermeer’s Milkmaid – as well as masterpieces by other renowned Dutch artists like Judith and the Lion, The Letter Reader and The Assassination of Van der Waal Family by Rembrandt or Vermeer.

Don’t just rush past the famous paintings; there’s much more to discover here. In particular, don’t overlook the Gallery of Honour where there is an exhibit dedicated to some of the most intriguing furniture pieces from 17th century Holland and take a peek at Rembrandt’s self-portrait if time allows.

If you want to really explore the museum, join one of their specialty tours that specializes in specific paintings or periods in Dutch history. Otherwise, plan at least two hours for your visit so that you can take your time without feeling rushed.

While Vincent van Gogh may be best known for his prolific French paintings, many don’t realize that he was actually born and raised in the Netherlands – thus explaining why so many of his works can be found at Rijksmuseum – even an entire gallery dedicated to him and Frans Hals!

Van Gogh Museum

When people think of Dutch icons, most will mention windmills, clogs, cheese and tulips but few think of Van Gogh – one of the world’s most beloved post-impressionist painters and the subject of an extensive museum dedicated to him.

Gerrit Rietveld created an astounding work of art when designing this building; featuring both modern main buildings and an elliptical exhibition wing for showcasing paintings in both locations, providing ample room to admire them and gain an insight into how an artist developed his vibrant style over his short but turbulent life. Paintings are organized chronologically so visitors can witness its development over time.

Like its more famous counterpart, the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum tickets can be difficult to come by without prior planning. Fast-track entry options exist when purchasing your tickets online as well as guided tours which often sell out quickly if available. If interested, book one soon as these tend to fill quickly!

If the Van Gogh Museum is unavailable on your travel dates, consider one of Amsterdam’s other great museums such as Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum or Rembrandt House Museum instead – these options tend to be less crowded and have similar prices as its flagship attraction.

One fantastic way to explore Amsterdam is with a canal cruise. Amsterdam’s canals are lined with some of its most imposing buildings and seeing them from the water provides a different perspective – an enjoyable and relaxing way to become acquainted with its culture – something first-time visitors should definitely do!

Make time to visit Anne Frank House when in Amsterdam – this home of Anne and her family’s infamous escape from Nazi troops during World War II has since become a museum and attracts people from across the globe.

Anne Frank House

Visit Anne Frank House is an essential experience when visiting Amsterdam, as its history will bring to light both emotional and practical lessons about war, the Holocaust and other horrors of conflict. Because its small space limits visitors, tickets are sold on a timed basis in order to manage crowds and ensure each one enjoys an amazing visit – this means tickets sell quickly so it is wise to book as soon as you know when traveling to Amsterdam.

The Anne Frank Museum can be found in Amsterdam’s central district on Prinsengracht Street, approximately 20 minutes’ walk from Central Station with many tram lines passing nearby. Due to long lines at Central Station and nearby tram stops, pre-book your tickets online prior to visiting as they may sell out quickly (this includes I Amsterdam City Card holders).

When visiting the museum, be sure to treat its space with care and consideration. It can be intimidating, and was an arduous home for the Frank family for eight months of their residency there – it can be emotionally stimulating; please avoid taking unnecessary photographs or speaking aloud during your visit.

If you want to gain more insight into Anne Frank and Amsterdam’s Jewish history, why not book a guided tour? These long (3-4 hour) private tours delve deep into its rich past; visiting landmarks like Joods Historisch Museum, Portuguese Synagogue, and Holocaust Memorial Walk among many other attractions.

Alternately, take part in a much shorter (2 hour) public tour that explores Anne Frank and World War II sites in Amsterdam during Nazi occupation, such as the National Holocaust Names Monument and Merdweplein neighborhood where she and her family initially resided before moving into their Secret Annex. Your tour guide has in-depth knowledge of Jewish history of Amsterdam and can answer any of your queries regarding Jewish life there.

Heineken Experience

For beer enthusiasts, this brewery and visitor center should definitely be on your itinerary. Constructed as the original Heineken brewery in 1867, it served as home until 1988 when a larger facility was built on the outskirts of town. Now transformed into a brewery/visitor center offering visitors an exclusive glimpse behind one of the world’s biggest beer companies, visitors are offered an insider view into one of its operations.

The facility spans four floors and boasts engaging multimedia exhibits, historic brewing artifacts and a tasting bar. There are also fun interactive activities, like Brew Your Ride virtual beer-brewing experience. In addition, Heineken Experience offers various tour packages which combine visits to their brewery with tasting experiences – you can purchase these online and receive discounts over on site rates!

The Heineken Experience is a popular attraction among beer fans, but also provides an excellent way to learn more about the company’s founders and history. Situated right in Amsterdam’s vibrant center, this brewery and museum can serve as an oasis from sightseeing or shopping in Amsterdam; nearby top attractions like Museumplein can easily be reached within 10 minutes walk.

On this tour, you’ll visit authentic 19th century Heineken brewery halls and buildings from Heineken’s history. Your guide will share insights into its founders and their achievements; in addition to this museum segment of the tour, there will also be fun activities like screening old commercials or watching actors swim through an actual pool of beer!

To maximize your visit to Heineken Experience, it is recommended that you book tickets that include both brewery tours and canal cruises. This can be done directly through their website or third party platforms like Headout.

This post was published on 13/09/2023

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